On a cold and damp Sunday  in January, the latest batch of recruits undertook their fitness hike.  We're pleased to say all passed with flying colours and are looking forwards to commencing their training to progress Lowland Search Technicains

At the team training evening on the 12th October 2014, the last few outstanding items were signed off for 19 team members, who have now qualified as Lowland Search Technicians.

LeicSAR follow ALSAR guidelines in training matters, the newly qualified Search Technicians being the first LeicSAR members to have studied the current ALSAR syllabus.

Their qualification is transferrable to all other ALSAR affiliated teams around the country.

ALSAR affiliated teams are all qualified to the same standards, so that we can all offer mutual assistance to neighbouring teams when necessary.

Congratulations to our newly qualified Search Technicians.