Volunteer Recruitment

The Search and Rescue team exists purely on the goodwill of volunteers, and membership is particularly rewarding to those who feel they would like to give something back to their community. We are always interested to hear from people who feel they have what it takes to be a search technician.

We aim to recruit once a year depending on team numbers however we do operate a waiting list where we will keep your details on record for a period of no more than 12 months.

Our recruitment process takes around 6 months, if successful at the recruitment stage initial training takes around 6 months which covers the key skills of becoming a search technician to the national lowland rescue standards. Once this phase is complete you will become a probationary member for around 6 months while you complete training and development.

Those that become full members can train into other specialist search and rescue roles on the team.

volunteer positions:

positions listed are specialist positions only achievable after becoming full team members