Leicestershire Search & Rescue (LeicSAR) is a non-profit organisation, made up entirely of emergency volunteers, providing vital support and assistance to the emergency services, local authorities and the general public.

Our volunteers share a common interest, which is providing a professional, reliable and vital service to the people of Leicestershire and surrounding areas, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are a registered charity our number is 1150100.

We have been established since October 2011 and are affiliated to and regulated by The Association of Lowland Search & Rescue (ALSAR). Being a part of this organisation ensures that all of our volunteers are trained to the highest of standards, which are nationally recognised.

Our main purpose is to assist in the search for vulnerable missing persons in urban, rural and lowland areas, this includes children, the elderly or those who are suffering from an Illness be it physically or mentally. On occasions, we are utilised to search for injured persons, as a result of this all of our volunteers are fully equipped and trained in First Aid, with at least one trained Trauma Medic per search team.

In addition to search & rescue, we also provide support and assistance at major/critical incidents, which include fires, floods and rail/air disasters. Assistance to emergency services during adverse weather conditions, by providing 4×4 vehicle support, delivering essential supplies, transporting members of staff or patients, evacuation transport and even offering help to stranded members of the public. We also offer marshal cover and support at private or community events.

As a voluntary run scheme, we rely heavily on the support of the local community and businesses to offer donations and sponsorship to ensure that we can deliver this vital service.

We Are Here To Help

10 years strong!

We have been operational for 10 years and are proud to be recognised and awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.


We are an official member of the UK’s Lowland Rescue provision made up of 34 local teams, with the same role as Mountain Rescue, Coastguard Rescue and the RNLI amongst others. We work closely with our neighbouring SAR teams and national associations to save lives across the UK.

“Lowland Rescue” and “From Hill to High Water” are trademarks of the Association of Lowland Search and Rescue, used under licence by member teams.

Please note that in an emergency you should call 999 – the public cannot call Leicestershire Search and Rescue directly.


We cover the entire Leicestershire region including Rutland.


On a cold and damp Sunday  in January, the latest batch of recruits undertook their fitness hike.  We’re pleased to say all passed with flying colours and are looking forwards to commencing their training to progress Lowland Search Technicains

LeicSAR follow ALSAR guidelines in training matters, the newly qualified Search Technicians being the first LeicSAR members to have studied the current ALSAR syllabus.

Their qualification is transferrable to all other ALSAR affiliated teams around the country.

ALSAR affiliated teams are all qualified to the same standards, so that we can all offer mutual assistance to neighbouring teams when necessary.

Congratulations to our newly qualified Search Technicians.



We are called out only by our partner agencies, in an emergency please dial 999.