Corporate support

Can your business help?

Your business or organisation can help make a big difference to its local community. Your support will help to keep responding to Search and Rescue calls 24/7.

As a local Charity, Leicestershire Search and Rescue is a cause that will resonate with your business, from employees, staff, friends and family and shareholders. Supporting a local charity will add additional benefit to your business by helping you to fulfil your Corporate Social Responsibility.

Fund a vital of kit or equipment

Fund a vital of kit or equipment or even keep our vehicles fueled. We would be very happy to publicise our partnership with you by including your logo on our kit, website and social media platforms. 

Sponsor the training and development

Sponsor the training and development of a new search technician or one of our more specialist roles such as Bank Search Technicians, or Search and Rescue Medic.


One-off or regular donations to the charity. We would love to come and speak at your events to inform people about what we do and why your corporate support is so vital to help keep us going. 

We love telling you who we are, what we do and how you can help – request a talk today.


We are called out only by our partner agencies, in an emergency please dial 999.